Pool Tables

The Dugout is proud to offer a pair of premium, tournament-quality pool tables. We are proud of them and very pleased to provide them for your enjoyment.

We welcome formal leagues, tournaments, and everyday competition. Contact us if you would like to set up your pool event.

Simonis Cloth

Simonis is the de facto standard of excellence in pool table cloth globally. It is the standard, and the level of quality to which all others are compared.

It is sold in over 50 countries, earning its reputation first with the exacting standards of professionals, and of course with all of us amateurs as well. It is THE choice for tournaments around the world.

Learn more about Simonis Cloth from their website.

Have Fun!

The Dugout is a fun place to spend time. Add your pool contests, and you have a time that can’t be beat!

Thank you for understanding. We love our babies!